How we do it

you WORK along side ME

Your work is unique and inspired, you deserve a one of a kind professional cover.

We use industry standard tools to provide you with Trade Quality Design and Illustration.

Our Process Is what you would experience when you work with any design professional; Contractually bound work for hire.

We discuss your needs and vision, cover costs and retainer fees, and after a little back and forth, you get a trade quality cover for your ebook, paperback, or hardcover volume.

“Copy, art, and typography should be seen as a living entity; each element integrally related, in harmony with the whole, and essential to the execution of an idea.”

-Paul Rand

our process

Five easy steps, five simple revisions. Here is an overview below. Contract previews available on request. 

Step One

We open up our dialog. We talk over ideas, and we see if I am the right Designer/Illustrator For you.

We talk inspiration and influences. You share writing samples, key ideas, and I throw some questions your way. We gather imagery and ideas, creating a palate for us to paint your images with. If we agree to work together, I present the appropriate contract.

You pay a 25% retainer.

Step Two

I present up  to five (sometimes more) rough sketches. You decide which two are your favorites. you want to progress with or if I need to get back to the drawing board. We discuss what you like, what you don’t like, and what we can improve upon.


Step Three

I Present the second drafts of the idea. We begin revision sessions, fine tuning the ideas on each cover. There are two revisions for each work presented.

Step four

You choose your final design.

We start honing down on particular text placement, an zero in on the minutia, finalizing details. With the idea solidified, you pay the second 25% instalment. You have a total of three revisions.​


Step five

The work is finished. The final watermarked image is presented to you at this time. One Final Revision is allowed at this time. After Updates are made, The Finished work is presented, watermarked and locked. Upon your final approval, and after the remaining 50% fee is paid, you will receive the final flattened image, formatted appropriately. Any stock images purchased are also yours to keep. 

 ADDITIONAL costs, Concerns, RESPONSIBILITIES  and fine print​


  • Any further revisions needed will be billed at $25 Hourly.
  • If additional stock images are needed the final cost of work will increase accordingly, with your notification and consent.
  • If additional materials (i.e. specified fonts, props for photo sessions, models, release, equipment lease/rental fees etc.) the projected itemized costs will be presented to you ahead of time for your approval.
  • The work Is considered “for hire” meaning all licensing is transferred to you. You will be provided with a hyperlink to the stock services licensing agreement for your references. It is your sole responsibility to abide by these license restrictions.
  • You will receive original, unedited copies of any custom or stock images used, and the flattened final work, in the sizing initially agreed upon only.
  • We are not responsible for errors in copy, such as spelling errors, punctuation, incorrect dates, and other typographic errors. All text will be provided by you, and should be proof read to avoid such errors.
  • You may, at any time, terminate the contract, however the initial retainer will be non-refundable if the purchase of stock images, or generation of custom images has been completed. Purchased Stock images are yours to keep.
  • Under no circumstances will “Work in progress”, i.e. editable/source files (including but not exclusive of extensions .psd, .ai, .indb, .indd, etc) will not be provided to you.
  • Due to email size restrictions, a link to an online file storage service will be provided. We prefer Dropbox because of its simplicity and ease of use.
  • The link will remain active for at least 30 days. It may be up longer, or we may need the space.
  • Contracts and Confidentiality agreements are available for preview upon request.

Revisions Explained



verb (used with object), revised, revising.

  1. to amend or alter:

to revise one’s opinion.

  1. to alter something already written or printed, in order to make corrections, improve, or update:

to revise a manuscript.

  1. British. to review (previously studied materials) in preparation for an examination.


  1. an act of revising.
  2. a revised form of something; revision.
  3. Printing. a proof sheet taken after alterations have been made, for further examination or correction.

From <


The Magical number  is 20%

A revision, is a process. As well as a lofty concept.

It is necessary actually define the concept specifically within the scope of work.

Generally a revision is a change, correction, improvement or update of the work at hand.

Within the design world, a revision is defined as any change that alters the work more than 20% of the end product.

There are two main types of revision that occur, defined as General Changes and Substantive Changes.

General Changes are more for final tweaks that may be needed after completion of the project. For instance, you may need an update to the wording on the back with regards to next release in your trilogy or you may need to add “2026 Pulitzer Prize Winner” on the cover. Changes like that would be billed hourly after the close of the contract.

Substantive Changes are defined as a percentage change in the total work. This is an abstract idea, you can’t carve up your cover into quadrants and just want that part in yellow per se.

You could try to define a cover by the total parts,

Titling, Subtitling, Spine, front cover, back cover.

Still within those categories are sub categories.

For instance within and image, Foreground, Background, Texture and Color Tone.

Within the Copy, there are textural edits, as well as visual edits, Typeface changes, such as kerning, spacing, and overall typesetting.

Suffice to say, If it’s a noticeable overall change that you can see from far away, it’s considered as substantive change, or revision.

The process is fairly simple: Present, Dialog, Revise. We spin that wheel five times.