Here are a few questions you may have before electing to choose our services, 

for any that aren’t listed, or even those that are, feel free to contact us

What are your credentails?

I have a Bachelors of Fine arts In Interrelated media From Mass College of art, with a focus in graphic design.

I have won the Seventeenth congressional art award grand prize, offered a scholarship to SCAD, but opted to stay closer to home, and attend the nation's first and oldest publicly funded art school.

What covers have you made?

Checkout the gallery- Among them the list is always growing!

How much does it cost?

Cost varies, what you see on the main page is a base cost that included pricing for materials, and up to five stock photos if needed. Additional materials, or variances may raise the cost accordingly.

How long does it take?

The timing also varies. I take your schedule into account. The least amount of time needed is three weeks to develop the image and produce the final project. Some covers take a month, others have gone on into perfection for nearly a year. I'm with you every step of the way.

Can I use the image for anything I want?

All work is for hire. All licenses are transferred to you. You may use the final image as a cover, as a whole for its intended use. If you need posters, bookmarks, flyers, business cards and other derivative works, I ask that you keep the image whole. And if for some reason you use only part of my work (i.e. I design the cover, and you have your brother in law's BFF handle the back) 

I require, politely, that you credit whatever portion I have generated accordingly.

Will you read my book?

Sometimes it's needed to capture the inspiration, but normally I'll ask for excerpts, and get a feeling for what you need the best way possible, from you, the source. 

I'm working on my speed reading skills so that someday I'll have read all the books while I cover them.

Will you tell me what I think of my book?

I'm not a critic, nor an editor. I may make observations, to confirm we are on the same page- visually.

I know a few great developmental editors if you need them. You certainly don't want a painter to perform a triple bypass on you.

Do you know a publisher/agent/editor?

I do know a few editors personally. But that is in fact not a work related relationship. I do not affiliate with any publishers or agents. 

Can we talk on the phone if I have questions or suggestions?

I'm your personal artist/designer. You can reach me by phone, by email, by text, or by Skype. Semaphore, telepathy, and smoke signals are currently being perfected by the R&D department. Who are recovering from headaches induced by nylon based smoke inhalation.

I know exactly what I want, but don't know how to make it; do you make pre-designed covers?

No. Your work is unique to you. Your cover should be too. Ethically I view the greatest disservice to any client is to find their design  has a twin with else's name on it. Because of the high likelihood of such a recurrence, I customize my work to yours.

Are all your covers from photographs? What if I want a drawing or painting?

Depending on work-load It could be a possibility. I do have training as a classical artist, with experience in acrylics, type, pencil, charcoal, tempera, screen printing, various image transfer processes, photography, watercolor, and vector illustration. I even have the ability to turn a photo into a digital painting, and then apply touch up work. This is an intimate process, and depending on the scope of work needed may require a special commission, as well as timing. I also have several college friends who are amazing illustrators if it's beyond my scope.

I really want a specific color/image/theme included -- can you do that?

Most likely yes. If you have a specific need, you need a specific answer- feel free to click the button below and ask away.

I don't need a cover but I do need a buisness card desgined -- can you help?

I love those. Yes. Contact me for a quote. We can even do matching stationary.

I want a logo to use for promotional materials-- can you help?

Yes I can! Contact me for a quote.

I Have a series of 5 books -- can i get a discount?

Of course. Pricing depends on the work, and your needs, the number of covers, and sometimes the volume of materials.

Do you do Illustration?

I can, depending on the scope of work. I also have several friends with degrees in illustration whom are incredible as well. If it's beyond my skill I may be able to recommend someone for you. You'll need a custom quote, so click below.

What if I don't like the cover you make? Can I get my money back?

My retainer is refundable up and until the stock photos or custom work is generated. The stock is purchased with these funds, you will be presented with watermarked images that you can get a feel for the image until that time.. This means I essentially work for free until you give me the green light. I am that confident in my skills. If you feel that the work is not up to your demands at that point, then I will gladly refund that retainer.