Why MicroFocus is a distraction.

Never fall in love early kids.

You love a certain part of a piece- its your secret crush. I once had an intimate convo with an author about people parts that we love.

She was a fond of knees and legs. I the torso, especially the stratus anterior and i’m a sucker for a strong lingual line on the external obliques. primarily because if I had a set myself i’d find a way to luge wine from them. Which would involve negative gravity and compromising yogic posses and some broken ribs to say the least.

Creepypasta aside, the gist of it is you focus on a shape you are enticed by. You focus on getting that just right, and next thing you know that’s all you work on. In sirens is was that s curve in the water. that sinus curve became a near religious calling for me.

But that’s photoplasty. When your drawing your creating. And your focus on a particular aspect can take hold of the piece. When you defer the rest of the piece for a central point too soon, you start to detract from the overall accuracy of what you are seeing. Classically you work the piece from the outside in, like sculpture- you get your shapes, your tones your refining strokes, the essence of the subject first, and then you hone it in to the central focus. However;


Seeing is not believing.


When you start drawing what you know, or what you love about a two centimeter square the rest of your composition goes to utter shit. Case in point- I got distracted here:


What happens when you microfocus


I went from outlining to shaping, and from there to shading. and that, though rewarding was grossly neglectful to the rest of the piece. After all, thanks to my need to shade now the nose is börked and the ear is a hamfisted masterwork cut-and-paste job by a drunk Matisse. But you cant see that lack of proportions when your in the grid an ignoring the far away big picture.

That’s a picture called Birth By Sleep of KJCharmedFreak on Deviantart  (NSFW) and his associated Tumblr (NSFW) of the same name. He’s makes gorgeous fucking photo study- and you have to start with something beautiful if you want to make something amazing.

Seeing as I’m on a mission for painterly perfection (I’ve been out of the fine art realm too much lately and i’m trying to get back into the head-space) I’m soup-natzing myself into gridding, measuring, and drawing only what I see. which means NO copy, NO paste, NO trace. I overlay the image from time to time and erase the parts that don’t work with reckless abandon to make sure i force my damn hands to work with my ageing eyes and tell my mind to shut the fuck up about what that body part is called. The moment you start thinking “pinky” and Not, “smaller series of ovals in perspective space” you’ve blown it.  So, what I ended up learning is how to spread a digital 4B pencil all around like a toddler gumming chocolate pudding for the first time.

I’m not even going to start in on my poor excuse for an eyebrow.

It takes restraint, an mental discipline, and at least a G&T or two. But you have to push through it.

Anyways keep drawing. And if your not me, that has no sweatshop type implications.

Back to my personal  graphite version of the spinning jenny.

I’ll add the final piece if i don’t leap from a window in a little bit 🙂


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