Indie book design before and after

A few months ago I had the pleasure to work with an brilliant author writing an incredible historical fiction.

I sketched out an idea, and go the go-ahead to produce a home made photo shoot- it’s amazing the diverse hobbies of the friends I have.

Sooner rather than later my vision came to a reality.

So, yeah, this is what I do, from five hundred page novella to about five hundred racing ideas, whittled down to a five second “get this outta my head” sketch, resulting in an effing amazing photo.

I honestly love these photos, i have like two hundred of them (see 200 shitty first drafts).

sketch oneSketch 2




















Sadly, the author was inspired to go in a more DIY direction-

however, his concept trumped even mine. And i don’t mind. i got to put on my photographers beret and play with a rather photographic arsenal.

Have to say, some of the best photos I’ve taken. Totally justifies that camera purchase.


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