This is why you do backups. they prevent Fckups

In my quest to add the shiny new thing, and my need to have a web page that’s more secure than those nudie pics of the director of the NSA,

I looked after I lept to the new and shiny defender plugin, after speeding up my page with WPMU DEV’s amazing new hummingbird feature.

Then I secured the page, so well, that, well…. I couldn’t login from my own admin page.

Which is quite secure actually.

My solution in my frustration was to essentially wreak havoc and delete the folders from the admin end, grab the backups i made with Snapshot pro, and then upload them Via ftp.

Luckily WordPress is so wonderful it over-installed the missing files, and only the missing files.

I then logged into a really nice clean… blank.

Installing their Amaze-balls Dashboard and re-activating the theme,  I was treated to my recently thrashed site, completely up to date from whence i had the original conflict that caused all this- my gallery was not showing the thumbnails.

That’s an issue for another day. However, I blame my own “TLDR”.

Good design advice.


Anywho Keep Designistrattteding… (bringin’ it back)



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