Actions speak louder than (four letter) words…

There are a great number of tricks you can use to make liquid eye sex in the world of the Proprietary Eponym that is Photoshop.

Adobe HATES that, they get all angry when you use the phrase “photoshopping” (its practically in their TOS).

The Big G loves it. “Google it” that’s amazing. It transcends brand into action. I don’t suppose that anyone will ever “designistrattteeded it” or “Paul’d it” that would be more like:





Anyhow, back to Adobe Photoshop®, and actions. They are a set of recorded rules and process that once all packaged up into a file (.act) become a useful tool. That is until the newer version of Adobe Photoshop® comes around and updates the code.

I am a HUGE fan of Envato Marketplace, “why?” you may ask, or disclaim “But Paul you can Art like everything, why oh why would you ever, ever, purchase canned content?!?”.

Well, two reasons,

One, I enjoy supporting other artists out there, I have work on my walls from Etsy of Doughnuts saying bite-me, and amazing prints by Noah Bradley himself on my living room wall. I shop Threadless with reckless abandon (to my financial ruin) and, like any artist, you are your own worst critic. Which brings me to part two:

In between working the contented/dreaded day job, food shopping, drinking, house making (while drinking), cooking (with wine/while whining) and making art (from the bottom of a bottle), rehydration, dehydration, and a Netflix queue that stretches into retirement:







Now, back to Envato and their amazing shit. They have everything from clipart to code and all things in between. I’ve used them for Youtube openers, sound effects, and background music, and splash images.

They provide you with source files and content galore.

Like actions- they are a major time saver.


SO, back to actions: they are a list of commands, that allow you to take an image like this:

LC test1

To something better put together than this:

LC test 1 with action


However, there has been some over-editing. These are a result of code changes in adobe and a great deal of twerking (NSFWish).

It should be more epic- something like this:


Flaming Hunks aside, It’s an amazing piece of work- and would take even a Photoshop pro like myself a great deal of… repetitive Liquification filters with color shifts and masking/adjustment layers as well as Compositing time which is best left to a play button because I gotta make dinner and mop that damn floor again.

It just stinks that each update that you get gratis from the Scarlet Letter, you wind up having to backtrack, decode, or burn a twenty dollar bill.

So, Be weary of what you get, it, like all software is far from future-proof, and individual results may vary,


And as always, keep creating.



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