Socially (awkward) and media buttons.

Today i decided to roll out the pages in full, and needed some social media buttons.

Boy am I telling you, there is a million icons out there- but  i needed to find the right ones.

After staring at the selection in puzzlement, I became frustrated by the fact that each one had some of the features i likes, but not all of them.

Like youtube.

So, I decided to hop over to envato and pay someone eight bucks for their hard work. because the headache of coding is more for a friday than a sunday night.

Yes i’m a designer, yes I’m relatively proficient enough and  could code them myself.  Just like you can probably do your own plumbing when you really clog your toilet.  However, I decided to go with a professional, like you do.

The buttons run on shortcodes for wordpress, and settle into my WYSIWYG editor rather well. WHen they aren’t competing for space and dominance.

Today was an awkward day, ‘ve been glued to my screen since eight am. Bathroom and coffee breaks notwithstanding.

I’ve been working on two really great books, and i cant wait to get the up here.

Ones an adult romance, the other is a collection of really great stories.  The covers are rather awesome if i do say so myself.

The process files feel like they need a home. You generate so many on the way to perfect that some really beautiful ideas wind up on the cutting room floor. I think maybe ‘ll ad a misfit gallery later.


Off for a G&T and some R&R before monday’s  FTW. (that is not for the win btw.)


Until next time, one person,


Keep Creating



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